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Closing the shop

‼️PLEASE READ‼️ ‼️HELPS A LOT‼️ The game is great, but the same customers always come in with the same order. And you can’t save the game. What I would like to see in the game is more 🔅OF THIS🔅: 1.Closing the shop takes longer to cook meat and just food in general 3. You can customize your shop 4. Food has to be stacked in the right order on the order instead of “its on the plate in any order, the costumer doesn’t care” 5. When you close the shop, you can have an option to be in any mode (easy, normal, hard) you will then have challenges to make the best thing it the game gives. Then you make it and it gives you a rating. Instead of having as much time as you want. You have a certain number of time depending on what your making. 6. On the order on the customer it shows how to season the meal GENERAL: 1. When you season something with a steak with like hot sauce or whatever your doing it with the color or the steak changes. 2. Cutting working on ALL sides, also if the knife is hovering over the food on the cutting board it cuts. Something the knife has to be closer to the food to cut. Idk 😐 3. When you spill something from the cutting board to a pan or the grill, all of it goes on the item, not on the floor 4. Scrambling eggs doesn’t make the egg go flying out of the pan 😂 5. Making white eggs 6. A drink for every meal 7. WATER!!!!!!!! Maybe like a sink or something but we NEED WATER!!!!! Okay that’s it for now, hopefully you read this and took it into consideration. I know it was long but it will certainly make the game worth $3

It’s a great game, but:

I had trouble picking up the food items in the fridge when it came to the girl that sits on the counter and says, “Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Bug fixes needed

This game has a great concept with great potential... but when playing it was an obvious issue that at one point the game stopped functioning correctly. At one point in the game two customers asking for a kind of banana pineapple smoothie and a bagel with Swiss cheese... after finishing the production of the food I tried picking up the tray but it wouldn’t work. At one point I made the food and I picked up the tray... it worked but then when placing the tray In front of the customers and waiting nothing happened. After multiple tries I gave up. This issue should be fixed immediately since I can not keep playing the game unless it is fixed...


I love it!!! It’s so much better than Toca Kitchen! Although I wish there was a mode where I could make anything I wish and see if the customer would like it! Other than that it’s really awesome! 💚💚💚💚

fun but...

It’s a really fun hame because we have control over what we are serving but i wish that there were more characters and tons of other recipes to follow rather than having the same people and recipes over and over.. I think that it would make the game so much better. I think it starts to get a little boring over time! So hurry and get some more characters and recipes!

I love the game!!

This is the first time I've actually brought a game because it really caught my eye. It was definitely worth it😁👍🏽 I only wish when they update it, that we could have more options of dishes to cook and new customers😊

It glitches quite a lot

I like it a lot- it’s a really fun, interactive game, but every once in awhile it’ll lag, and then glitch out- it’s really sad, because I really like the game :(

Fun but....

So far I am enjoying it I made it to the summer breakfast meal, but after I finish making everything for them I cannot pick the tray up to give it to them really wanna get to the next food


This game is amazing and I love every bit of it, but when it comes down to plating the food: for example sandwiches . It’s hard to stack the food on the sandwich without it falling.

It’s good

Super fun lot of glitches I’m getting repeating recipies


It’s a great concept, and amazing artwork, however there are lots of glitches and slow-downs in the game. The bird level seems to glitch out the worst because they don’t give you the menu. Also, saving would be great so you don’t repeat the same levels over and over again.

Good concept, failed execution.

This is a cute game, and i acknowledge this is probably geared towards children, however if I’m having trouble no doubt kids are. The concept is fun, however there are many flaws. When I first picked up the game I noticed there was 360 viewing, but also the ability to swipe. There should be settings where you can choose one or the other, because it will bring instability when using both at the same time. As I thought, it was hard to move the screen and keep it still. The sensitivity levels for the device movement are too high, I don’t know much about app development, but I’m sure it can be fixed so either it can minimally move up and down, or give the option to choose swiping over physically moving. I’m sure a kid with an iPad would have more trouble than me keeping it stable. Maybe this is a user error, however it is so incredibly difficult to interact with items (i.e bread instantly after the introductory customer) anytime I tried to grab something, it wouldn’t move to where I wanted it. If I clicked it, it spawned, however I couldn’t move it after that point. This is probably my longest review for 2 major faults, it’s probably because I whole heartily believe this game could have better playability.

Okay but...

It’s a nice app but once you get through all the characters once you have to keep making the same things for them like there’s never anything new to make.

fun but needs some work!

Personally I don’t remember purchasing this app, but it’s quite fun. Although I have to restart it often because something in the game will get stuck and become unusable. I also am tired of making the same dishes over and over again so I wish y’all would add more characters and dishes. I don’t necessarily think this is worth $3 but I enjoy playing it.

Wish there was more

Honestly it’s a lovely game, it’s fun and the art style is amazing. I only really found a couple of problems. For one, there’s a couple of glitches (for example it won’t let me serve the food, or ingredients randomly disappear) and it drives me to have to close and re open the app a lot. Another thing is it gets really repetitive after a while. It’s the same 6 or 7 dishes every time and after a while it gets boring. It’s really tragic because honestly this game has so much potential, there’s still so many ingredients not being used. I’m hoping with a new update there will be more things to do and more bug fixes.

Fun but repetitive

After I got through the recipes the first time and reloaded the ones from last night and there was real enene same and I’m bored


I love the game and how it looks but it’s a little annoying when you have to restart if you leave. So I think there should be a save option. But otherwise not much complaining here

It just needs more

i’ve had to restart the game from the beginning due to multiple glitches. Sometimes things won’t come out of the refrigerator right either. however, the game has a cute concept, just needs improvement. I’ll be happy to change my score after an update (:

it’s nice

the game over all is very aesthetically pleasing and the voices are adorable but for 2.99 i would have liked a lot more for example the camera angles are kind of awkward and you can’t really position the knife the way you want to when cutting the food. Another thing is when trying to cook food in the pots when you mix them all the food slowly falls out sometimes when i give the person the meal nothing happens and they just sit there, there are more things too but i won’t go into all of them. it’s a amazing game in the works but there need to be MAJOR updates to it to make it perfect! :^) ❤️💖

I like it

I really like playing this but I can’t figure out how to scrabble eggs

Love it but...

I really love this game but it gets too boring because the orders repeat over and over, so I think that you should make more people order food and level up so the orders can be harder and harder so we don’t have to cook the same thing.


I agree with most people like I only played this game for what a few days and there’s only like 7 costumers and they all order the same thing which is super boring. Another thing is when your cooking half of the food falls out of the chopping board and onto the counter which is super annoying and the customers all rate the same thing so I think they should have a lot more customers and recipes

This is an amazing game, although quite bug-ridden.

I love playing this game. The sound effects are satisfying, and the mechanics of the game are somewhat smooth. Some bugs I’ve noticed is food falling off the plate (when surfer girl and her friend, the ice cube, order their Swiss cheese breakfast bagels and pineapple/banana juice, I pick up the tray of finished food and the bagels just slide off and I have to restart). Another thing is for most orders, usually something I have to stack, like sandwiches, the food falls right through the plate to where I can’t see it, or falls through another food item under it, whenever I try to place it. It gets annoying because I like to be able to see what I’m serving, because I can’t tell if I have the order right or not. Also, a lot of times when I’m pouring chopped food into either a skillet or wok or plate or cutting board, bits and pieces will roll off and onto the floor! I’d like there to be a fix for this, which will hopefully make the game run a lot smoother. Also, little red demon girl seems very difficult to satisfy! I can never get more than three stars with her... it may be that the order ticket isn’t very specific, but I’d like to know how to get five stars for her orders. Altogether though, this game is very cute, and is great to play when passing time away!

It’s ok.

I like this game a lot but I just don’t like how it doesn’t save at how many stars you left with. I thought there were just a few recipes, but I’ve learned that the more stars you earn, the more recipes you get.

An idea

This game is really good and I love it but the one problem is the food selection like at least add more food to it and make different kitchens to the game so it will not be boring and update it because there still more glitches in the game

Needs more variety and too many glitches

The customers always order the same things and it seems to be set in the same order so you always get stuck doing the exact same thing which gets very boring. There are also a lot of glitches and bugs in the app like not being able to cut food all the time and food ending up in random places when trying to dump it onto a plate or pan.

Love it! But....

I absolutely love this game so much and I feel as if it was worth the price! However, the only thing that’s really bugging me is the fact that when the app closes out, all of my progress is deleted and I have to start all over again. :( Is this just me?

I love it!

I honestly think it deserves 5 stars but i would like to see bug improvements and more plates and characters i love game.

Game restart fix ?

I would really appreciate if the game would not restart when I close the app. I’d love to be able to pick up where I left off instead of sending me to the beginning. Also, I cannot pass the level with the guy and the old guy. He holds his hand out but there is no menu to take from him.


Lovely game but the AR and 360 camera are a bit hard to control. Also there are a ton of glitches in the game from being able to put the serving tray through the shelf and not being able to get it back to when the little baby grows up with his old dad and freezes the game (they don’t order anything either)


I really like this game but I get the same recipes over and over again I’ve never had any different ones

Mixed feelings

I have to say, I love this game. The controls are surprisingly good and I enjoy the concept, although there are some issues. There are many glitches, such as the food just straight up rolling away and disappearing. It also really bothers me that the same few people come in and order the same recipes every time. If the glitches are fixed and more variety added, it would be an amazing game.

Fun, but it needs more meals

I really like and enjoy this game but it gets boring making the same exact meals over and over again. You get sick of the same order of customers too.

Should be free

Could be a lot of fun if it would actually work properly. It won’t even let me serve customers the food. Other than that I think it’s an awesome idea

Love it just there is a few things...

This app is so fun to play and everything but there are a few downsides. It bothers me when u make like a plate and u can’t perfectly put it together. It makes it a sloppy mess. Second there are only a certain amount of customers and after a while it gets boring cause ur making like the exact same thing over and over. I wish there was much more of a variety of characters and food. Other wise it’s such a great app. Btw it would be so cool if u like made it have like different cultured foods. More than one.

Cute but glitchy

This game is very cute and has a lot of potential, but there are lots of glitches. For example, sometimes when I place something on the tray it disappears, or the game will freeze up. Please fix!


I like it, it’s fun, but when I downloaded it I thought it would let you cook whatever you want and they should make an update where you can make your own menu and recipes 👍🏻

Absolutely a great game, but still in the works.

I was instantly enticed by this game and for good reason. This game is absolutely adorable and sort of addicting. It does have some problems but there things that overtime will be fixed and I’m okay with that. Overall this game is really adorable and is using a mechanic that hasn’t been seen in other games like this Critique and recommending✨ For a recommendation I would really like to see more randomized and altogether more requests for things to cook because overtime it becomes repetitive and a little bland when you only cook the same things. I also find the controls to be a little wonky some times and when dumping the food into a different dish the contents sometimes disappear out of reach. This is a fun thing at times having the items have a realistic feel but can be really tedious. I also can get a bit frustrated when plating, most of the time the food is unbalanced and doesn’t look very appealing. Just for a thought it would be really nice if there was a sort of menu option. Like for instance you can make your own menus? Or have a way to just cook random things without people recommending things? I think that would add a lot of more parts to the game.

Great game just glitches

I ignore the fact that some of the food falls off the plate but when I get to the old man and his son they just look at me and don’t hand me a recipe I try making something they have had before but it doesn’t work and the recipes are monotonous 😂


Hi I love the game and everything about it but please make it so the customers always have random orders not in a certain order.. I got to almost 16 orders which is 80 stars up and the character tried to give an order which wad not visible, tried to make them random food but they didnt touch it.. Made me mad to have to restart and do the same orders over again. Also, there should be a free mode. Where the customer is like “I want something that has this..” and the rest of the order is up to the chef or something like that. Otherwise the game concept is cute but please make things more easily to place in fashionable order like the food always slipping everywhere, or the food you make looks awful when putting it on a platter etc

Amazing Game but needs improvement

I have waited so long for a cooking game like this. I love the freedom you can have doing your own thing around the kitchen. This game is relatively new so I thought I could share the bugs i have when I play or things to improve. First off, I don’t like that once I get up to 40-60 stars my recipes advance but when I close out of the app it’s back to 0 again and I am stuck making the basics. Also, when you tap on the stars sheet it randomly disappears behind the customers. Also, if you cut too many pieces of let’s say onion, it gets laggy. Like I said before when I close out of the app I lose my stars, but I was forced to do that sometimes when I tapped on food items and they wouldn’t let me hold it but they just kept spawning in the same spot. It’s also sometimes hard to rotate food and I hope that one day your stars could be used for some type of currency in a catalog or something to buy new food, designable items around your restaurant, equipment, ect. Overall I love the concept and hope for less bugs and more customers and improvements especially since the game isn’t free. But great job so far!

It’s a good game but…

I feel like there aren’t enough characters. I’ve played through the game three times and always end up the the same recipes for each character. It gets old. I wish there was more to do because there is so much more food that you don’t even use.

Nice Idea.

Usually I don’t like paying for games unless I’ve played them before on a different platform and know about it (Papa Louie Games, Diner Dash, etc). The game is fairly new and clearly needs a lot of improvement. However, the design and idea is supreme. I like the way how I’m able to cook the food using different tools and ingredients. I like the layout and imaging. What could improve is better quality of placing foods on top/with each other. When building sandwiches, it’s hard to place the different toppings on top of each other. It would be nice for our data to be saved when closing the app, because right now if we close it, it starts us over from the beginning. And the recipes should be shuffled and not in order so that I will be surprised at what the next customer wants instead of knowing since it’s in order. Also, more recipes and customers would be grand. The grading for the food is off a bit, and if the customers could order both food and drinks at the same time. That would be even better! I can see how this game will have a nice feature. As long as the designer is listening and making improvements, gameplay will be so much better! Overall, as of right now, I am grading 4 stars.

New update

Hey guys! Thanks for updating the update. WAY BETTER. Fun recipes and cool ingredients. I'd recommend to any food lovers! One thing though, the potato boy with his "Paps" lol holds out his hand, but the recipe isn't there. Thanks!

I like it now...

The app had updated again and now there is more improvements! It was nice playing the game without so many glitches that are now fixed! But whenever the potato character and their child is grown up and I have to serve them, they won’t give me their order (this happened before and after the update). I really like this game and now that more bugs and glitches are fixed, it is better! I enjoy the game and it is fun to make the recipes!

The New Update....

In the beginning I loved this game! I would play it everyday! But when the new update just installed...everything broke. First I didn’t have the right plate/bowl for what they asked for and when I tried to serve what I had, it didn’t respond to it. I restarted the game, and it was still not working. So, I reseted my whole game from the beginning...and nothing was there. I couldn’t fix anything because there was no fridge, no equipment, no..nothing. So I skipped the tutorial and gladly, it put my equipment back. So! Finally I could cook again! But...Every time I try to cut would still stick to the left overs..I would cut lettuce in half and it would go back together like it had never been cut. And that’s where I’m at now. The update did not improve glitches, it made them worse. I can’t cook anymore. Like I said I loved this game, there just needs to be bug fixes.

┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

It's a really funny game, I like all the characters and foods. I got this game before it was updated. There are a lot of bugs too. I suggest adding new characters if that's not hard too.

The update made a glitch

The stupid update made a glitch that when I take a order it gives me the wrong one so it gives me the wrong plate and I get 1 ⭐️ please fix the glitch


It was kinda.. um broken so I had to re-download it.. ye ok bye


I’m sure this game is awesome except I don’t know how to work it! When I first get in the tutorial pops up and it gives me two instructions, and then when I go to make the first recipe nothing comes up. I have no food or anything! Not sure if this is a glitch or what’s going on.

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