Chef Umami App Reviews

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Don’t spend three dollars on this!

The game is so fun but WAY too glitchy. I just gave up on playing after having to try try four times to get an onion to land in the pan instead of falling through it. You can’t save, so when you come back you have to redo orders you already finished. Sometimes after preparing food when you put it on the plate it just disappears?? And you have to redo it. A lot of the time trying to put food from the pan to the plate it goes just everywhere and you have to pick it up, and redo parts. Plating is not satisfying, as it should be, because you can’t control where things land. You can’t make the plate look like it does on the recipe. If it worked, I would never stop recommending it. It would be extremely relaxing. Instead though it’s just frustrating because it says “take your time! Make it as well as you can!” But you can’t control it well enough to make it look good.

Almost Perfect

I was surprised by how great the player experience was for the most part. Love the attention to details. When you use the chopping board I could feel each chop. The sounds are spot on. You can even move around your kitchen space by moving your phone. The only reason it lost a star is my irritation towards certain ingredients landing a certain way. The onion always lands standing up instead of laying flat when I plate. My sandwiches never stack. And when I follow directions and get a low score there’s no feedback on why. But the annoyances pale to what the app does well. So I happily give it 4 out of 5 stars and hope the developers can fix those minor annoyances.

The character eats food and stops because it's in error

Then the game goes back to the tutorial for the first time and all scores are gone.. Please fix it!! And I want you to update the food and ingredients more widely:)

Bad Glitch

To be honest this game looks amazing... but there is a glitch a bad glitch when i try to go into the game it just brings me back to my home page i dont know if this can be fixed but if it can please do it FAST because i would really enjoy this game. Thank You

Good but found a bad glitch

It’s a lot of fun, despite the fact you can’t stack right lol. But I am stuck on a glitch. One of the characters the little blue square kid when he orders grilled chicken with grilled pineapple. The tray slides to the right and he “eats” but he’s stuck and it won’t progress and the game resets. I love this game just wish this gets fixed soon

It’s ight

The game is good for a while until it starts to get repetitive 😬


I think this game is awesome and it was my favorite game but when i got to 257 (points? Or hearts) i served the food to the blue kid and i put it down and then the plate shifted to the right and the kid ate nothing and just froze, but my game didn’t freeze just the kid and now its not letting me do anything.. :/ but besides that this game is the best and if this lag is jist for me or something DOWNLOAD IT!!! It is so detailed and so addictive!

I like it but...

Ok I love that this game has progressed so much since it came out and you have the random or set AFTER the first round, but can you please have it be random right off the bat? Maybe I wanna listen to music while I play and I wanna change it so I go to Spotify, change it, and go back to the game, but I have to go through the first round all over again! It gets repetitive and annoying so please please please think about it! Thanks 🙏😘

great game bad bugs

the game is realllly good i really enjoy it but at one point the game literally just stopped working. like i was making the food. done. go to serve it and the little dude takes a drink from the cup and is frozen. he won’t do anything else and i thought it was just part of the game so i sat there for a good 5 minuets and nothing happened. fix this. i really don’t want to delete and start all over again

Good game but needs some improvements

This game I think is very fun but the 360 degree setting makes it confusing. I do like the idea very much and I think the design is very modern. Also the game does glitch but I do not hate it. Great game for it to be new!

Amazing game but so many glitches

This game is so much fun to play and I love that you don't have to connect to WiFi to play it and there are no ads. There is one issue I have and it's that there are a lot of glitches! When you place food on the plates to serve them the food sometimes disappears into the plate. Also there is this annoying blue person that comes and he looks adorable but he's evil because he glitches out the game and I have to delete and redownload it in order to progress

Love it, but...

I really love this game. The concept is so awesome and nothing I’ve seen before. There is one customer, (specifically the blue square head guy with the Life saver around him) and when I finish his order, the food slides to the side of him, and he picks nothing up, and it freezes. He gives no review, and I can’t move on to the next customer. I’ve tried closing the app, not using the app for a day, and nothing seems to work. Please fix this!

Fun, but needs more

Love this game a lot! The graphics are good and the cartoon style is cute. I like how you can really interact with objects and it feels like you are really there cooking. The only things I would suggest to make the game better, as other reviewers may have mentioned, would be to add more customers and recipes. They get sort of old after a while. Perhaps also maybe an in-game shop where you can upgrade your cooking silverware, buy decorations, etc.? Overall, a great game.


I love this app but it's really hard to stack things

More recipes!

Super cool, please add more :)

I love it, but a few things

This game is great, I live how much interaction you have in it. I sometime have problems with the food falling through the grill and plates. Also having a problem where when I serve a meal it freezes after they eat it and I don't receive any stars and wont go to the next person.

Amazing game

I absolutely love this game, but i do get frustrated when I close the app and have to start all the way over... if that was fixed this would be a 5 Star game.

Awesome Game

When I first got this game it was great besides the fact that nothing looked cooked. When they fixed that it was still the best game ever.


At the moment the game has been extremely glitchy. Update please!

Cool, but

Soooo idk if this is only me but I always get the same characters all the time. Its annoying, but still great game!

Waste of money, should have been free

It has a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed. The food is still going through the plate, the meat doesn’t even cook for some odd reason, and when I try the season it I can’t even see that it’s on it, and when you try to use the bowl and put things on the stove or in the blender it just goes every where. The game could be great, honestly it’s not that bad but if your going to spend money on a game you should expect it to be better

Love it but meats don’t look cooked

I just downloaded this game and I love it it but for some reason my meats won’t cook they look raw no matter how long I cook it I wish this would be fixed!


I got super far, I left, and I started back at square one

App suggestions

I think you should add pizza dough and pizza toppings also add watermelon , pasta noodles , desserts, an oven , suger, and a fryer

Love the game so far

I love this game so far and the idea of it really do wish there was a save button and I was able to chop the food alittle better but mostly cut the bagels and buns in half like real life that would be amazing. But happy with my purchase If some of the bugs were fixed. And if you would be able to have a free mode where you make and do whatever you want

Good game

This is a good game I won’t lie, but this game has a lot of glitches and it would be easier if you allowed saving

Needs a big change.

Well I just downloaded the app because I was thinking oh, I can deal with a few bugs, as I am someone who plays computer games a lot and experiences them all the time. Well, my food went through the plate during the tutorial and I had to make the sandwich incorrectly in order to serve it. Also, it didn’t tell me how to grill things, which wasn’t a huge problem at all but it would’ve been nice. I’m not going to delete it because I do like it, but it’d be nice if you could fix the food issue that’d be fantastic. It’d be easier to play.

Great game but glitches

I really love this game. It’s calming and nice to play. But they’ve got some glitches that stops the entire game. I’ve had to reinstall twice already because of the same glitch. It’s very disheartening and I haven’t been able to get any new recipes because of it. Also wish they had more recipes that you could use more of the items and tools with.

good but could use additions

i love this app. it’s cute and simple. but sometimes it’s a little too simplistic. for example, there is no help menu or instructions on the cookbook. that would make some of the recipes (fishstorm, kung hot chicken) a lot easier to make because i always end up getting low scores on them bc i don’t know exactly what to do. i also wish there was more recipes to choose from because it can get a little repetitive. also, the controls seem to be a little messed up. when i try to pour something into a bowl or into a pan, it falls through the pan and disappears and i have to start all over again. also there is a bug when the surfer girl and her friend order food, they won’t leave after you give it to them. please fix this <3


The art style and type of gameplay are astounding, don’t listen to the bad reviews, this game deserves 4.9. Maybe it’s glitches on rare occasions but it is so much better than any other mobile game I’ve played.

Fun but needs fixes

This game is a lot of fun and really soothing-the visuals and style make it very relaxing to play for a long time. It’s a great concept for a game and I love how much control you actually have on what your cooking and how realistic the cutting is. Definitely needs improvement in regards to some technical aspects as well as some glitches which make it literally unplayable. Whenever I play, sooner or later, one of two things happens: either the food gets stuck and I can’t pick it up anymore, or a customer shows up and doesn’t give me an order and nothing I do works and I can’t progress from there. Every time this happens I have to restart the game and it is so frustrating. Some other things I think could be improved: when you transfer food from a pot or cutting board, it tends to just fall everywhere and it makes plating the food and making it look nice impossible. Overall though, I really love the game when it doesn’t glitch and I can make the orders look nice. I just had an 8 hour plane ride and basically played the game the entire time.


It is a good game but can have a few more orders to make

It’s fun and all but the lags are torcher

When I was playing I got far into the game and than a lag came and crashed my game and when I re- entered, I had to start at the beginning. I know it’s not my phone because my phone is an iPhone 7. You should fix this, make things better add a menu where you can save your game.

Closing the shop

‼️PLEASE READ‼️ ‼️HELPS A LOT‼️ The game is great, but the same customers always come in with the same order. And you can’t save the game. What I would like to see in the game is more 🔅OF THIS🔅: 1.Closing the shop takes longer to cook meat and just food in general 3. You can customize your shop 4. Food has to be stacked in the right order on the order instead of “its on the plate in any order, the costumer doesn’t care” 5. When you close the shop, you can have an option to be in any mode (easy, normal, hard) you will then have challenges to make the best thing it the game gives. Then you make it and it gives you a rating. Instead of having as much time as you want. You have a certain number of time depending on what your making. 6. On the order on the customer it shows how to season the meal GENERAL: 1. When you season something with a steak with like hot sauce or whatever your doing it with the color or the steak changes. 2. Cutting working on ALL sides, also if the knife is hovering over the food on the cutting board it cuts. Something the knife has to be closer to the food to cut. Idk 😐 3. When you spill something from the cutting board to a pan or the grill, all of it goes on the item, not on the floor 4. Scrambling eggs doesn’t make the egg go flying out of the pan 😂 5. Making white eggs 6. A drink for every meal 7. WATER!!!!!!!! Maybe like a sink or something but we NEED WATER!!!!! Okay that’s it for now, hopefully you read this and took it into consideration. I know it was long but it will certainly make the game worth $3

It’s a great game, but:

I had trouble picking up the food items in the fridge when it came to the girl that sits on the counter and says, “Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Bug fixes needed

This game has a great concept with great potential... but when playing it was an obvious issue that at one point the game stopped functioning correctly. At one point in the game two customers asking for a kind of banana pineapple smoothie and a bagel with Swiss cheese... after finishing the production of the food I tried picking up the tray but it wouldn’t work. At one point I made the food and I picked up the tray... it worked but then when placing the tray In front of the customers and waiting nothing happened. After multiple tries I gave up. This issue should be fixed immediately since I can not keep playing the game unless it is fixed...


I love it!!! It’s so much better than Toca Kitchen! Although I wish there was a mode where I could make anything I wish and see if the customer would like it! Other than that it’s really awesome! 💚💚💚💚

fun but...

It’s a really fun hame because we have control over what we are serving but i wish that there were more characters and tons of other recipes to follow rather than having the same people and recipes over and over.. I think that it would make the game so much better. I think it starts to get a little boring over time! So hurry and get some more characters and recipes!

I love the game!!

This is the first time I've actually brought a game because it really caught my eye. It was definitely worth it😁👍🏽 I only wish when they update it, that we could have more options of dishes to cook and new customers😊

It glitches quite a lot

I like it a lot- it’s a really fun, interactive game, but every once in awhile it’ll lag, and then glitch out- it’s really sad, because I really like the game :(

Fun but....

So far I am enjoying it I made it to the summer breakfast meal, but after I finish making everything for them I cannot pick the tray up to give it to them really wanna get to the next food


This game is amazing and I love every bit of it, but when it comes down to plating the food: for example sandwiches . It’s hard to stack the food on the sandwich without it falling.

It’s good

Super fun lot of glitches I’m getting repeating recipies


It’s a great concept, and amazing artwork, however there are lots of glitches and slow-downs in the game. The bird level seems to glitch out the worst because they don’t give you the menu. Also, saving would be great so you don’t repeat the same levels over and over again.

Good concept, failed execution.

This is a cute game, and i acknowledge this is probably geared towards children, however if I’m having trouble no doubt kids are. The concept is fun, however there are many flaws. When I first picked up the game I noticed there was 360 viewing, but also the ability to swipe. There should be settings where you can choose one or the other, because it will bring instability when using both at the same time. As I thought, it was hard to move the screen and keep it still. The sensitivity levels for the device movement are too high, I don’t know much about app development, but I’m sure it can be fixed so either it can minimally move up and down, or give the option to choose swiping over physically moving. I’m sure a kid with an iPad would have more trouble than me keeping it stable. Maybe this is a user error, however it is so incredibly difficult to interact with items (i.e bread instantly after the introductory customer) anytime I tried to grab something, it wouldn’t move to where I wanted it. If I clicked it, it spawned, however I couldn’t move it after that point. This is probably my longest review for 2 major faults, it’s probably because I whole heartily believe this game could have better playability.

Okay but...

It’s a nice app but once you get through all the characters once you have to keep making the same things for them like there’s never anything new to make.

fun but needs some work!

Personally I don’t remember purchasing this app, but it’s quite fun. Although I have to restart it often because something in the game will get stuck and become unusable. I also am tired of making the same dishes over and over again so I wish y’all would add more characters and dishes. I don’t necessarily think this is worth $3 but I enjoy playing it.

Wish there was more

Honestly it’s a lovely game, it’s fun and the art style is amazing. I only really found a couple of problems. For one, there’s a couple of glitches (for example it won’t let me serve the food, or ingredients randomly disappear) and it drives me to have to close and re open the app a lot. Another thing is it gets really repetitive after a while. It’s the same 6 or 7 dishes every time and after a while it gets boring. It’s really tragic because honestly this game has so much potential, there’s still so many ingredients not being used. I’m hoping with a new update there will be more things to do and more bug fixes.

Fun but repetitive

After I got through the recipes the first time and reloaded the ones from last night and there was real enene same and I’m bored

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